Fledging Female House Sparrow

I had a wonderful day with Nature Photos in my yard when 2 fledging House Sparrows were hoppin' on the ground near me, seems they were in process of "Learning to Fly" .

2 times i was so close to a  male and a female that i could literally reach out and pick them up.

I did...  and used this opportunity to photograph Extreme close ups.  

This female House Sparrow I managed to Band, for now I have been identifying her from many other similar sparrows in my area. I have seen her last couple days on and off, she hangs out in my bushes around the yard.  

I think she is being fed , other birds (Parents) come down and seem to feed and stuff.

Here is 1 photo. of Bella with my BAND around her RIGHT foot.  :)

Will be fun documenting how long she stays and if she returns.

I have SO Many super close shots too, as well as Video of her as well as her perched on my finger with photos.

More soon.

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